Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Xmas in July


I know how bizarre it sounds but it is the best new thing I came across in Oz.
Maybe because of all Europeans living here who are used to Xmas in winter or maybe an additional business for restaurants whatever it is  Oz is celebrating 2nd Xmas in July

I have to admit it made a difference to have it in the coldest month, felt almost like being back home only snow was missing

We did it first time this year but promised ourselves to do it every year, it will be our new family traditions reminding us where we met and reminding me home.

We headed straight after work to Gillian's Garden Cafe and were pleasantly surprised how beautifully decorated the place was and how yummy the food tasted

I have picked up couple of ideas for my own Xmas lunch and stole some recipes

Merry Xmas everyone

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  1. Christmas in July! I remember having this back home. It must have been an odd experience!