Thursday, 16 October 2014


I have finally (after 30 years of waiting) seen great barrier reef.

I don't know why but we always had many Australian movies on tv - weird I know - watching great barrier reef on polish tv where you were not allowed to travel and leave the country - joy of growing up in communism.

I still remember that day, funny enough it was winter, snow outside the window and they were showing gbr on tv .

I was in my bed wondering if I will ever travel to AU and see that wonder in my life.

Now 30 years later I finally did see it.

It is hard to believe how you feel when your dream comes true.

I was sick from excitement and the fact not being confident swimmer and never snorkel before.

But once I put my head under water I was speechless like I would enter different world, couldn't even feel how cold the water was...

And couldn't wait to dive again like you couldn't get enough of it.

Once we were back in the hotel every time I have closed my eyes I could see reef and wanted to go back like something there was calling me...

It did change me, maybe I just say it after every holiday but this time I do feel different...


Monday, 13 October 2014


Poziomka is wild strawberry in English. It is not very popular in Australia and even in UK people don't know what they are heaving growing wild in their bushes/gardens.

I remember discovering it in our garden in Beckenham where no one knew what I was picking and eating, probably they thought weird polish people are eating everything what they can find in bush:)

Def they gave me that look...

I have accidently brought with me some seeds over here and happily growing it in my tiny garden

The taste is so intense to compare with normal strawberry, a little bit like bubble gum but so beautifully delicious

Usually I have couple of them a day  but this week beaucause we were on holiday I have collected a whole bowl yesterday and made yummy Eaton mess.

so good............

I am planning to make Pimm’s jelly with poziomki and clotted cream this weekend pics to follow if I can last that long...


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

master bedroom

Renovating our old Queenslander takes still most of our weekends, we call it our "block" We even had 24 hrs challenge which my hubby failed (with my help) We complain about it but we love it and every time we managed to get something right around the house we are very happy and proud of it I won't lie there is a lot of arguing and swearing involved
The trick is to get balance of colors right and keep it clean I don't think you need a lot of money to create something special just good a very good taste When I go through magazines (heaps of them) I know what I like no doubt about it But it won't look good everywhere so you have to make it work with rest of your house, future plans and the character of the house Easier said than done Recently I am preoccupied with planning colors for our master bedroom - yes once you married you are entitled to your own master bedroom which is the biggest bedroom in the house we had little fight with our boy as he wanted it but we stacked to our guns and didn't let him win that battle I have been through many websites and magazines to get rough idea what I want in terms of colors not all my choices will suit the house unfortunately I think starting point is to decide about colors and then start collecting other items it will be long process as we have to redo it fully and also the most expensive as we need new bed and wardrobes - well have to start somewhere:) below what I found worth considering for our mb

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Couple of weeks ago my husband had to go for work to Stanthorpe and offered to take me with him - yes yes yes Will never say no to seeing new places. I have to admit the only thing I am jealous about is traveling. People get jealous when neighbor buys new car, friend new shoes etc... me no only traveling gets to me:) We started our day trip very early 5am as
it is 3 hrs drive from Brisbane. For the first time I saw Great Dividing Range and kangaroos in wild. I had a great day spending time on my own while he was working and enjoying being alone with him for the rest of the day without my son winging in the back ground. I saw frost in the morning (so european)and had beautiful pecan tart while waiting. It is a nice little place which is famous for growing apples, we bought heaps of them plus apple cider. Couldn't pick my own apples as the season was almost finished. I had the best brownie ever and so looking forward to go again in 6 months.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

New discovery

Yesterday I discovered stunning work of Moscow based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova Just one word enchanting…

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Spring I think I am getting very sentimental recently and keep on thinking more about my past rather than my future. Back home spring is starting now, here we are welcoming autumn. Today I really just want to write about my spring time memories First thing which comes to my mind is that how everyone was happy to get rid of heavy jackets and jumpers and enjoy some sun. We used to sit in our garden and my mum was playing with my hair. Everything was waking up to life and life was good again. People were cleaning gardens, making big bonfire and I will never forget that smell of burning old leaves coming from almost every second garden. Because you need to know that when one neighbor started spring cleaning many would follow. So there was a big smoke in the air and happy people glad to be able to go outside after long and depressing winter. When I was at school I use to love watching nature, melting snow and ice, little flowers blooming, life coming back to us. My neighbors had so many cherry trees in their garden that when they all stared to bloom I could only see wall of white flowers from our windows and the smell was just amazing. My mum use to clean windows every spring before Easter – she had to as at the end of winter people would run out of coal and would just burn anything to heat the house. I remember always to bake potatoes in bonfire and being black all over my face as we didn’t wrap them in anything. I loved feeling sun on my face and all the smells and birds singing. We would open all the windows in the morning to let the fresh air in and my mum would put all the pillows and sheets on the veranda. We would go for a long bush walk coming back late in the evening or my dad would take me on his motor bike to our favorite lake to watch it over flowing. You can’t imagine how much water you get from melting snow and ice…… One year i have bought my mum 100 flower bulbs and she all put them in front garden - you can imagine how colorfull our front garden looked next spring. I wish I can take my boy one day to Poland to smell polish spring... below some spring pics from google

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


when I will win lottery first thing we will do with my hubby will be buying Barellan We will drive there and pay twice the asking price because we love that house When 2 years ago we were searching for homes to buy he found it and email to me saying he found our dream house he was right it is our dream house only we can't afford it Maybe one day when we really win lottery - here is our perfect house BARELLAN