Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fields of gold part 2

Now my post, not so much Avatar, straight from my back yard.
I woke up this morning to fields of beautiful tiny mushrooms and as it is Fri and I can be late to work I took time to take some pics just to show the difference betwwen those two words.


Couple of weeks ago I have discovered a beautiful photos by Martin Pfister
He is taking photos of mushrooms, he lights them up from behind with tiny LED bulbs to give them a magical glow!

Lets photos speak for themselves

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My little love list

Everyone is busy these days, 'crazy busy' I have heard recently from a mate I haven't seen for ages even living in the same city.
Sometimes I am forgetting what I love and between my work, traveling time and my son's homework I don't know who I am and why I am here anymore.
Sad, I know but life shouldn't be as we only live once.
I love life and all beautiful things it brings, you can see, experience, taste.
On the very top of my list is my family: my son and my husband. I love being mum and wife. They are everything to me, I love watching my husband reading books to my boy and giving him secrets kisses and cuddles. I treasure those moments deep in my heart. I love watching my boy giggling especially when it comes from his stomach:)

This is my little love list, things that make me happy...

1 ocean, swimming, snorkeling, sailing

2 fresh air, sky above my head, forest, nature, long walks

3 glass of milk with pan di stelle biscuits for bfast if none left treats from French bakery

4 fruits especialy strawberries - my fav cake fraisier

5 flowers, fresh cut flowers at home

6 picnics with my family (don't do it enough)

7 animals, just planning to get some chickens and a dog

8 saturdays markets

9 going on holiday with my family

10 xmas i know who doesn't like xmas!

11weekends at home, baking, gardening, being lazy on our verandah

12 watching my boy playing with his cat and looking after him

and so many more....................

ps all pics from google as usualy when I am having fun forgeting about taking photos

Monday, 23 March 2015

Between Two Worlds

We had very yucky Sunday raining, grey sky so we decided to visit GOMA again. It seems to me that our family always leaves GOMA for rainy days when we have nothing to do and everyone is bored wanting to go out.
I have to say I love our Brisbane gallery (well wouldn't mind if it was mine such a lovely building) always something interesting is on I dare to say it is up there for me.
This autumn they have David Lynch exhibition on. To be honest I have only realized who he is when my husband enlighten me saying two words TWEEN PEAKS.
I remember sitting with my dad on sofa and watching it in the night and I can still remember how scared I was.
I only know D Lynch through his movies not really art - really liked Tween Peaks, Elephant Man and Eraserhead but have to be honest sometimes I wish my parents wouldn't let me watch it. It is like with "Birds" better not to watch it until you 40 or so.
Movies like it will always stuck in your head.
I was even more surprised that they nearly let my boy come in with me, only when they said it is up to me and showed me his catalogue I knew it was not appropriate for him.
I like and know him through his movies not so keen on his paintings/photos i find it to much on dark side...
I have selected couple of pics from website as my pics didn't turn out too good and posting only lighter stuff of his ...

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Life is full of surprises

I hate Mondays!
I think everyone who is working does.
Today I have dragged myself to the office as per usual, feeling tired straight after opening my eyes in the morning as this week I don't have my usual Wednesday off and YES - no power, no phones, no SAP nothing until lunch time !!!:):):)
You have to agree with me  - life is full of surprises isn't it
And what I did ... had a nap until lunch  - love my day today:)

Happy Monday everyone

Alice from Dreamlandxxx