Sunday, 23 June 2013


We call it Noc Swietojanska back home and it is celebrated always on 23rd of June

Today it is 24th of June and last night I kept on thinking how it was when I was young living back home and celebrating that magical night with my friends.

And it was crazy, warm, magic, sweet, wild night full of stars when dreams come true and you celebrated until you can't move anymore.

It lasts all night until sunrise.

People dress in traditional Polka dress, and girls throw wreaths  made of flowers into rivers.

We used to go for swim in local lake and made big fire, all girls ( sometimes boys too) wearing beautiful wreaths and throwing them in the lake.

I have found some pics on line to give you feel of that magical night (didn't have my slr back than)

I have played it on and on last night in my head so it feels like I was there with my friends being young and wild again.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Family cooking book

I always had on my mind to create family cooking book.

We have a draw in our kitchen where I collect all good recipes hoping one day I can put them all together and create our family cooking book for my beautiful boy.

I think the easiest way to achieve it will be to use my blog to start working on it.

The book is going to be a collection of my mum's polish recipes, some great staff I have tried while traveling and from my hubby's family.

I will start with our favorite bfast recipe - my first one will be French toast with fruits.

It is actually my hubby's recipe he saw it one day on telly and start doing for me as a treat on Sundays very soon regretting it as I love it and he is sick of doing it every weekend.

It is very easy one for sweet tooth people.

All you need is:

* French brioche
* egg
* milk
* butter
* icing sugar
* fruits (best with apricots)

Slice brioche, soak in milk/egg liquid.

Fry on butter, serve with fruits and icing sugar

What my hubby does he slices apricot and put inside brioche creating little pockets filled with fruit, fries it and put in the oven for 10 minutes so apricots get soft and warm and this is the best way ever to do it.

... downside he does get grumpy as he doesn't like peeling and slicing apricots ...


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Queen's birthday

Not that I think I am a Queen but last weekend I had my bday and luckily it was also a long weekend celebrating Queen's bday here in Oz.

I had whole 3 days to celebrate in style like a Queen.

Having said that my nan always was telling me we have royal blue blood in our family  - I would have to investigate it one day:)

Coming back to reality I had a ball last weekend.

All started at work with nice German cake from my favorite bakery King of Cakes and finished in amazing Euro restaurant.

I haven't heard about it before but I have heard about Euro's award winning sister Urbane the ultimate foodies experience.

The great thing about it is that food comes from the same kitchen but it is much more affordable than Urbane.

I am using pics from their website as it didn't feel appropriate to take pics during dinner.

First things first - food:)

For starter I had ham hock terrine which was ok as well as creme caramel for desert but what blew me away was main - a beautiful cabassi wagyu eye fillet with  portobello mushroom puree and madeira sauce
It did top my list as I have never had such a beautiful meat dish in my life before.

The venue is very nice has a New York style feel and service was great felt like royal bday for me for sure.