Sunday, 23 June 2013


We call it Noc Swietojanska back home and it is celebrated always on 23rd of June

Today it is 24th of June and last night I kept on thinking how it was when I was young living back home and celebrating that magical night with my friends.

And it was crazy, warm, magic, sweet, wild night full of stars when dreams come true and you celebrated until you can't move anymore.

It lasts all night until sunrise.

People dress in traditional Polka dress, and girls throw wreaths  made of flowers into rivers.

We used to go for swim in local lake and made big fire, all girls ( sometimes boys too) wearing beautiful wreaths and throwing them in the lake.

I have found some pics on line to give you feel of that magical night (didn't have my slr back than)

I have played it on and on last night in my head so it feels like I was there with my friends being young and wild again.

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  1. Oh how beautiful! I can remember very hot summer nights spent under the stars eating junk but nothing this pretty! Magical is exactly the word I would use to describe it. xxx