Monday, 14 September 2015

wedding bells!!!

The countdown is on and it is only 19 days till our dear friend is getting married in Wollongong.

I have been looking for  a happy dress but couldn't find anything that I could afford so I am trying for the first time asos. Very excited and nervous awaiting little parcel to arrive very soon.

And my choice is:

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Monday, 7 September 2015


I am a traveler

nothing excites me more than traveling and nothing consumes more of my money...

Almost every school holiday i get itchy feet and inner need to go out there and see new things, taste new foods and be myself again not locked in the office of grey day to day existence.

While heaving doctor appointment and reading their magazines (sure they want to distract people/patients from their problems with health) i came across a traveling magazine writing about best Austaralian accommodations.

Lucky enough I have booked one of them for December holiday as doctor took all my money for September ones:)

We are going to discover town of 1770 and beautiful Lady Musgrave and Lady Elliot islands.

Our accommodation is called The Pods, beautiful and original space.

We are planning inbetween snorkeling sessions to devote remaining time to fishing, drinking bubbles and lazing around - how good is that.

Some pics below I found on internet - not mine yet.

Monday, 29 June 2015


I have decided that even heaving pretty bad night and even worse news this morning I will only focus on positive thinking today...
And what is very positive is our holiday in week time, we are all looking forward to it, hopefully God will help us with the weather
Below some pics from our next week hols destination - not my photos yet just from website

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Tree of life Paris apartment

When you think you have seen it all...

I have found my dream home decor ... in Inside Out magazine ... which i didn't want to buy in first place ... would be a huge mistake

I could write pages what i like about it - it is so me, I have started planning how to implement some of the ideas in our old queenslander (to my hubby's terrified  face)

have a look your self what a beauty it is

Monday, 15 June 2015

happy bday to me

Week ago I was celebrating my 38 bday, 38 years ! I know.
Time flies quick and you only live once.
This year was so special as i felt much loved by my dearest family and friends.
Got bday song in the morning apparently I look like a monkey and smell like one too from my beautiful child.
Beautiful flowers from awesome hubby so blessed to find him on my life path, followed by whales watching trip (there is no good ending to that story as i got sick for whole time).
Whole weekend of celebrating my mid life stop.
How I feel - I feel lucky but somehow scared as well.
I have to say I do feel like it is my mid life point and start wondering what to do now...

found this one online, shows excatly how i feel right now

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ficus Lyrata

And the Oscar goes to ………………….Ficus Lyrata
This year Oscar for most trendy plant used in almost all beautiful homes goes to Ficus Lyrata
You know you have to agree with me

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

i want that dress

I love that dress, it has everything I love need and want from dress
It is from Valentino Spring 2012 collection
I only found it this morning going through some magazines and saw Aerin Beauty photo with it