Tuesday, 25 March 2014


when I will win lottery first thing we will do with my hubby will be buying Barellan We will drive there and pay twice the asking price because we love that house When 2 years ago we were searching for homes to buy he found it and email to me saying he found our dream house he was right it is our dream house only we can't afford it Maybe one day when we really win lottery - here is our perfect house BARELLAN

Life is a beach

There is no doubt that for our family the best place to relax and have holiday is a seaside. Since our last Fraser holiday we haven't done much just saving and planning our next beach holiday and here we go after only 7 weeks of hard working we are back on road driving to Noosa. We have been to Noosa couple of times in past years but we always like to go back there. We spent whole day on the beach building sandcastles and others constructions, having lunches with beach view, collecting wild flowers and finishing day with beach walk. Like someone who would first time see ocean. It feels to me that ocean help us to find our inner peace, recover from daily routine and nonsense around us - it give us time to smell the roses

Sunday, 9 March 2014

International woman day

International woman day Well what can I say my hubby for the first time made it very special for me Usually he doesn’t remember about it and this year was no different but once I did made him feel guilty for forgetting he made it up for me a big time We went to see exhibition about early French hand – coloured fashion stencils It was such a nice thing to do for woman day
especially that I love fashion and art and it had it both…

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fraser Island I am back blogging! Just couple of pictures from our summer holiday We had really good time and definitely going back to explore more of Fraser