Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Going back down memory lane my first cooking class was in London @ Jamie Oliver cooking school in Clapham Junction. I did it with my lovely friend Megsie, I still remember it was Thai green chicken curry.
It was great fun and I loved that place. There I learnt my favorite dish smoked makrel pate.

When I have first arrived here in BNE in 2011 I was lost couldn't or didn't know how to start my life again, left all my friends back in UK and all places I loved and knew behind.

I did think about doing cooking classes again but once you stop doing something it is so hard to start doing it again.

 All was grey until last week when I got a surprise present for mother's day - a cupcakes baking/decorating master class.
And yes I got the bug back I loved it and I want to do it again.

The cooking school is part of Spring restaurant in the city. I love the venue very fresh and modern. Cooking room is very well equipped with all advanced technology and cooking toys (kitchen aids).

The chef was great sharing own secrets and showing how to beautifully decorate yummy cupcakes.

She even let my boy to pick me up earlier and have some fun with me.

The best thing was that I have found new place down under for cooking classes.

I did have a pleasure to dine there again with my friend Edyta and we both had pumpkin risotto with goat chesse followed with yummy panna cotta.

I am planning to do French classics next as we have winter starting here and a home made cassoulet would be just perfect.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Lavender farm

Last weekend we finally made it to Kooroomba lavender farm.

I don't know if we felt like doing "walkabout" or I was just  missing Europe so deeply and wanted to feel like in France again for a while.

The website says: Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm provides a southern France experience on the doorstep of Brisbane
Well it was not really doorstep as it was about 90 km from home and not much lavender there:(

Even a bit disappointed we did manage to have a nice afternoon exploring the vineyard, having nice afternoon tea, doing wine tasting and stocking up on wine.

We did enjoy peace and nature around and beautiful scenic rim country drive as we got lost a bit.

It is a beautiful place to explore but be prepared that there is not much lavender around, not really southern France experience.