Monday, 26 August 2013

Weekend notes

Last weekend wasn't the best for me but my great hubby managed to turned it into not so bad one at the end. He took me for dinner on Sun night so I could forget about all bad things happening and relax a bit. We went to a little Japanese bar in the Valley Great place, yummy fresh food and not overpriced Funny and friendly staff - we were very happy with the choice we made We have started with a bowl of spiced beans, followed by duck dumplings and rice and beef dish to share It is such a happy and quirky place, would say more for young people grabbing something to eat before night out Will be back soon for sure...

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Today post will be about Underwater Mermaid Theater How I found it - I don't know. Well I kind of know, it is getting warmer here, spring is coming in September and I was in mood to start planning our summer holiday (as you do)and somehow I found it. I was always a little bit "old school" don't know why, not that I don't like modern staff but I get more exited with vintage aspect of the world. I have never been to states but more and more feel like going there. We made some provisional plans with our friends to visit America but it will be in couple of years first. So I don't know how I ended up looking into Florida while planning next Oz holiday. Going back to my new discovery it is located in Weeki Wachee, Florida. The idea was first born in Newton Perry mind around 1946. He was an ex nave officer who trained navy seals to swim underwater in WWII. Firstly the theatre had only 18 seats and the whole routine was without music and tails. The theatre was sold in 1959 to The American Broadcasting Company Co having its best times. Since 2008 it was made into Florida State Park. I don't want to write to much about the history as the most important is the show itself. I would like to finish with official Weeki Wachee mermaid anthem: "We're not like other women We don't have to clean an oven And we nev-er will grow olllllllllld.... We've got the world by the tail!"
pics from Annie Collinge web

Sunday, 11 August 2013


"I hate Mondays" I am one of those people going through Monday blues every week. Not that I don't like my job, I do like what I am doing but still life is much more than working from 8 to 5 Mon - Fri. We do love our weekends and try to make the most of it. Last one I should put in the box with "relaxing' name on it. Was very relaxing for me but not for my hubby who was working hard to finish our front fence I think to show finish product I will have to wait 3 more weeks at least... We always try to work on our queenslander on saturdays and have sundays free for us to enjoy it. While my both boys went to see footy live to suncorp stadium on Sunday I had an afternoon snooze, I know it sounds bad and boring but I love my afternoon naps. There is nothing better than that. House is empty, whole bed only for me, all windows open and silent around me...

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


A pop - up picnic anyone:) Yes, yes, yes I did managed to get tickets to this year Diner en Blanc Brisbane. It is a second one for Brissy and I was very stressed around 10am today as last year I wasn't that lucky. Now only 24 days waiting, purchasing all in white, ordering picnic baskets and bottles of bubbles... Very excited, below some pics from last year - our pics in September:)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Springbrook hiking

Last weekend we have decided to do some hiking in Springbrook There are so many beautiful things to see but you have to keep walking and it is not always easy with 5 years old We did what we could, had a great time and will be back soon Springbrook through my lens