Thursday, 16 October 2014


I have finally (after 30 years of waiting) seen great barrier reef.

I don't know why but we always had many Australian movies on tv - weird I know - watching great barrier reef on polish tv where you were not allowed to travel and leave the country - joy of growing up in communism.

I still remember that day, funny enough it was winter, snow outside the window and they were showing gbr on tv .

I was in my bed wondering if I will ever travel to AU and see that wonder in my life.

Now 30 years later I finally did see it.

It is hard to believe how you feel when your dream comes true.

I was sick from excitement and the fact not being confident swimmer and never snorkel before.

But once I put my head under water I was speechless like I would enter different world, couldn't even feel how cold the water was...

And couldn't wait to dive again like you couldn't get enough of it.

Once we were back in the hotel every time I have closed my eyes I could see reef and wanted to go back like something there was calling me...

It did change me, maybe I just say it after every holiday but this time I do feel different...


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  1. Oh my gosh you did it! It's been a dream for me too (particularly after we snorkled in the Maldives and I got a taste for it). Can't wait to see it for myself x