Monday, 13 October 2014


Poziomka is wild strawberry in English. It is not very popular in Australia and even in UK people don't know what they are heaving growing wild in their bushes/gardens.

I remember discovering it in our garden in Beckenham where no one knew what I was picking and eating, probably they thought weird polish people are eating everything what they can find in bush:)

Def they gave me that look...

I have accidently brought with me some seeds over here and happily growing it in my tiny garden

The taste is so intense to compare with normal strawberry, a little bit like bubble gum but so beautifully delicious

Usually I have couple of them a day  but this week beaucause we were on holiday I have collected a whole bowl yesterday and made yummy Eaton mess.

so good............

I am planning to make Pimm’s jelly with poziomki and clotted cream this weekend pics to follow if I can last that long...



  1. I've seen them before but I don't think I have ever tasted them... you will have to send some down to Sydney! And how on earth did you manage to sneak seeds in?? You rebel you!

  2. Hun I think I will bake a poziomka cake for you when you visit me up here:)