Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Couple of weeks ago my husband had to go for work to Stanthorpe and offered to take me with him - yes yes yes Will never say no to seeing new places. I have to admit the only thing I am jealous about is traveling. People get jealous when neighbor buys new car, friend new shoes etc... me no only traveling gets to me:) We started our day trip very early 5am as
it is 3 hrs drive from Brisbane. For the first time I saw Great Dividing Range and kangaroos in wild. I had a great day spending time on my own while he was working and enjoying being alone with him for the rest of the day without my son winging in the back ground. I saw frost in the morning (so european)and had beautiful pecan tart while waiting. It is a nice little place which is famous for growing apples, we bought heaps of them plus apple cider. Couldn't pick my own apples as the season was almost finished. I had the best brownie ever and so looking forward to go again in 6 months.

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  1. Beautiful pics! Can't believe I beat you to seeing kangaroos in the wild though. Miss you xx