Sunday, 28 July 2013


Due to changes in family circumstances since last year we had opportunity to stay for free couple of times in family holiday apartment in Gold Coast
That came very handy as after buying our place there is not much money left for holidays/entertainment in our budget
We did entertained that idea very much and stayed there as often as we could
But everything good finishes quick (unfortunately) and we are planning our last trip to Gold Coast this month as it will be sold soon
It was (still is for some weeks) such a great located place with ocean view, tennis court, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, bbq, famous restaurant street just around the corner, great fish and chips, walking distance to See World, there is a long list how great this location is
We feel very happy we had this opportunity and feeling sorry to be saying good bye especially that my boy feels very connected to it.
Hopefully soon we will be able to afford our own holiday place for our family ... as it can't get better that this

Some pics from past visits

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