Monday, 4 March 2013

Breaking the routine/the leadlight workshop

Being Mum, full time state credit controller and having own ‘ The Block’ happening at home (most of the  weekends) doesn’t give you enough time to do something for yourself.
One of my NY resolution was to start doing things only for myself and breaking routine as life will not wait for your kid to grow up or for closing a month at work.
After weeks of  thinking what should it be I chose lead lighting. I did it a bit while living In Berlin so decided that it is a very good idea to continue and make something for our bedroom’s bay window.
I found a leadlight workshop held at Brisbane Institute of Art with beginners and advance classes. I am doing a refresher class where you have option to purchase own tools and do a small project if you wish to continue later at home and not to do advance class.
I am loving it, all things I knew came back to me and the best thing is having time for myself.
The team is lovely and teacher very open minded and supportive sharing all his knowledge with you.
I am almost about to finish first part and starting to design/copy project for my bay window.
Like all of us I started my research on Google and found my new architectural love Frank Lloyd Wright – just loving  his style.
All stained windows I have picked from Google were his design and this is how I discovered him. I am copying below my favorite ones  for you to see how great he is.
For further info about workshop please check out my reviews on weekend notes
Pics of my first project coming soon…

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