Thursday, 31 January 2013


I have been very lucky working just around the corner from Ottolenghi deli in Belgravia London.  I became his big fan first through buying my daily lunches at his eatery. Later come desire to recreate his beautiful food at home and purchase his books. I have them all: Ottolenghi, Plenty and Jerusalem

My favorite is the first one because of his delicious cakes recipes; however his latest Jerusalem (my Xmas present) will take you on a journey and make you smile every time you try a new recipe. The second one is vegetarian and wow how he makes vegetarian food tasting and looking exiting even for my husband a meat lover.
It is hard for me to describe his style I would say it made my life while working and living in London.
It surprise you, addict you make you want more show you that even a boring dish can be made beautiful and so different
My absolute favorite is fresh berries and white chocolate tarts OMG haven on earth.
Great news is that SBS have bought rights to ‘Jerusalem on a plate’ and ‘Ottolenghi‘s Mediterranean Feast’  
You can follow him on Facebook or sign up to his blog and even order some goodies to be delivered to southern hemisphere
There is one more place where you can look: The Guardian where you can get more exiting recipes
The best thing is that all recipes I have tried so far did work from first time which is a pretty seldom with cooking books
For the lucky ones living/traveling to UK there are also Ottolenghi cooking classes but please check for more details his website.
I cannot stop speaking how great all 3 books are to my friends and family so I thought I will share my experience with you so you can smile and enjoy them too
The only thing we are missing and asking’ pretty please’ at this point is to open a store in Australia -  the best in Brisbane J

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  1. I can never walk past Ottolenghi's deli without thinking of you! I just put this recipe book on my Amazon wishlist! x