Monday, 11 March 2013

50 shades of grey

Well it has been a very difficult week for me as we have finally reached the deadline of choosing exterior color for our beloved Queenslander.
It was everything else but not an easy choice.
We spent whole Sunday morning driving around Windsor, Norman Park, Ascot … and many more trying to find a house we would like and copy it.
From all we have seen with my indecisive husband we only liked dark colors with white trims.
But when it came to painting and we saw it on the wall (thanks God only bottom part) he almost got heart attack as it was too dark for him.
As I do love my husband and want him to stay alive  I had to nicely ask our painter ( great man) to make it as light as possible for the rest of the house.
I am a little bit angry at myself for listening to everyone opinions and getting so confused at the end.
The only moral I have learnt from that is always listen to yourself and stick to your first choice.
Sad but true ...
Photo of our house before painting below… and end product.

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