Wednesday, 4 September 2013


When I first started my blog I decided it will be also our diary showing our presence, future but also past Today's post is from the past - from 2006 trip to Lugano. I have a dear friend in Milan. We met in high school during my school trip to Italy. We know each other already 18 years - it sounds crazy. Well to make long story short we reunited in 2006 after many years not being in touch and spent some time together in Italy and Lugano. It was spring time and we decided to drive from Milan to Lugano for a day trip. He is a very good driver and took us safely through the mountains to discover beautiful Lugano. We spent only a day there but it was worth it. I don't remember much (sign of getting old) and don't have any pics from it and the one he emailed me are very bad. I did search online to see what I still remember. I have in my head pictures of beautiful lake, mountains, flowers everywhere, and very cold wind. The colors were so amazingly rich and deep - blues and greens His Mum made us beautiful picnic lunch and we walked for hours. Memory is fading and this post is to keep it alive ... happy 18th anniversary to my dear friend.

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